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Onsite Spraying Services

TMS Contractors can deliver a wide range of onsite spraying services to a broad range of clients. Supporting the commercial, industrial, domestic and public industries, our experienced operatives can undertake ceiling spraying, cladding spraying, shopfront spraying and the treatment of machinery on site.

Ceiling Spraying

Our ceiling spraying is ideal for commercial offices, warehouses, industrial buildings and educational premises. Perfect for office ceilings that become worn and tired looking over time, our ceiling spraying service will revive the look of the tiles, painting them without any “sticking” to the grid or framework of the ceiling. Find out more about ceiling spraying or visit our portfolio.

Cladding Spraying

Popular with commercial offices and larger retail outlets, our cladding spraying service provides a cost-effective alternative to replacing an entire panel of cladding. Ideal for rebranding the building or simply restoring it, our cladding spraying services can be carried outside of trading hours to reduce disruption to business operations or daily trade. Find out more about cladding spraying or visit our portfolio.

Shopfront Spraying

We carry out shopfront spraying for small shop owners and branch managers alike, helping them to make their retail premises look clean, professional and as appealing as possible to the public. Whether you’re moving to a new store, rebranding or refurbishing your business, we complete all paint spraying work with care and attention to detail. Find out more about shopfront spraying or visit our portfolio.

Mobile Machinery Spraying

At TMS Contractors, we recognise the costs incurred by dismantling and removing machinery and equipment for maintenance purposes. To reduce disruption to handling, processing and manufacturing processes, we offer a fully mobile machinery spraying service.

Rather than dismantling or moving the machine in question, our team of commercial sprayers can carry out the paint spraying work on site, prepping and treating the machinery before clearing everything away. Find out more about mobile machinery spraying by visiting our portfolio.

Additional On Site Spraying Services Undertaken:

  • Recoating, Specialist Recoating, Airless Recoating
  • Window & Door Frame Cleaning & Restoration
  • Specialist Multi-Storey Car Park Decorating
  • Exterior Brick, Stone & Roof Tile Cleaning
  • Customer Walkways & Main Entrances
  • Polycarbonate & Frame Cleaning
  • Conventional Spraying Work
  • Display Housings
Ceiling Spraying
Cladding Spraying
Shop Front Spraying
Onsite Spraying
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